What we do?

Our support car will be with you every step of the way, carrying your gear and supplies so you can focus on pedaling and enjoying the scenery. If you need a break from the saddle, you can hop in the car and rest while the rest of the team continues on their ride. And if you're feeling great and want to keep cycling, our support car will be there to provide hydration, snacks, and any other essentials you may need.


This is a customised service, please send enquiry to us for price quotation.

Contact Person

Irene Yee

Contact: +60127095328
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Car capacity

3 bicycles + 3 pessangers + 12 small bag packs / support car

Max amount of rider can be supported

Around 12 riders / support car

If you have more than 12 riders in your group, we will suggest to take 1 more support car.

Location cover - Malaysia

Johor, Melacca, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur

More in future.

What's in the car?


-No extra charge-

First Aid Kit


-No extra charge-

100 plus, coffee, drinking water, light refreshment, fruits

Ice Box

-No extra charge-

Keep your drinks/foods cold and fresh 

Spare Bicycle

-No extra charge-

Spare Bicycle x1

In case your bicycle breaks down, you can use our spare bicycle to continue your trip.

*Let us know which type of bike before the trip start. Eg: Road Bike/ Folding Bike/ MTB

Bicycle Product

-Optional $$$-

Tube, Tire, Lubricant, Glove, Water Bottle

*Let us know what size of tire and tube you may need in advance

What you need to pay?

1. Support car service

2. Driver's meals

3. Driver's accomodation (if it is a overnight trip)

*This is a customised service. For price quotation, please send enquiry to us.

Irene Yee

Contact: +60127095328
> Send Whatsapp Enquiry

Add On (Optional $$$)

Tour Guide & Route Planning

No more headache on how to ride or where to ride.

We provide you a fantastic route planning and a tour guide rider to lead your ride!


Need to transport yourselves and your bikes to your trip starting point? We can help on this!