Fitting can reduce your risk of injury, come and talk to our Bike Fitter, he will let you understand everything you need to know about Bike Fitting. This service includes Bike Sizing.

  • Category: Bike Fitting
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
  • Address: 72, Jalan Layang 16, Taman Perling, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia (Map)


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Purpose of Bike Fitting

Reduce risk of sport injury, solve knee pain, back pain, neck soreness, foot & palm numbness.

What we do

Get a correct frame size, set you on the correct position, guide you on the correct motion.

Below is the summary of our bike fitting service:

Measure rider's body length

We will record rider's height, inseam, trunk, limbs' length. The data will be used for bike sizing.

Riding Position Checking

We will let rider rides his bicycle on the indoor trainer, observe his riding position, and also capture his riding posture.

Shoe Cleat Position

Shoe cleat position will determine where your foot place on the pedal.

Angle Analyst

After capturing rider's riding posture, we will import the capture into software for angle analyst.

Through this, fitter is able to tell what will be the changes in rider's bike setting.

The setting changes might be: Saddle height, Stem length, Shoe Cleat position, Saddle forward or back ward, Saddle angle, Seatpost offset, etc.

Motion Guidance

Fitter will guide riders to the correct riding posture,  and show riders how to use correct muscle to pedal.

The very important muscle during pedal process is glute muscle, the fitter will guide riders on how to use it during cycling.

Cockpit Component

We provide various size of cockpit components: Stem, Saddle, Seatpost, Handlebar, etc.

Riders are allowed to test during the fitting process.

Bike Fitting Report

After the fitting, fitter will send rider a copy of fitting report.


Any riders who suffering on bicycle during the ride.


1. Before buying a new bike/ frame.
2. Feel pain/ discomfort during or after the ride.
3. If you haven't done a proper fitting.

Bike Fitter - Lucas Tan


5 years experience of bike fitting.

Completed fitting for more than 400 riders.

Completed Shumi's Garage bike fitting course (Taiwan).

One of the pioneers who provide professional bike fit service in Johor Malaysia.

12 years cycling experience of Road Bike and MTB.

Dead Lift: 2x Body Weight

Squat: 1.5x Body Weight

Chest press: 1x Body Weight

Shimano certified bicycle mechanic.

Shimano Di2 certified mechanic.

8 years experience as bike mechanic in Khass Bicycles.